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DEMeXchange Launch

Osiris Consultants are pleased the announce our latest product – DEMeXchangewhich works in tandem with our state of the art digital Statement of Facts collection system – SOFeXchange. This latest development is aimed at reducing the time taken to complete a Laytime calculation. By eliminating any copy-typing of records from the Statement of Facts, it allows laytime analysts to complete calculations with improved accuracy and frequency.

G-Captain Article

An article written by the founder and CEO of Osiris Consultants Ltd. discussing the problems with demurrage.

Smart Laytime Events®

Osiris announces that introduction SMART LAYTIME EVENTS®. This unique feature makes the Masters task of creating a Statement of Facts(SOF) even easier. In many cases, the SOF can be fully completed with no typing whatsoever.

SOFeXchange uses Smart Laytime Events™ in order to assist the user to add laytime events easily and in a logical order. We have built this function into SOFeXchange to make selecting certain events easier for Masters, Agents and Inspectors.
For example, if the Master has added the event ARRIVAL AT ANCHORAGE, the Smart Laytime Event™ recognises that at some point the event ANCHOR DOWN and ANCHOR UP will be added to the SOF and it automatically adds this prompt. All the Master has to do is click Complete when this event takes place, and a time stamp is added to the event.

With SMART LAYTIME EVENTS®, the SOFeXchange system understands what events have taken place so far, and hence can suggest the most likely events that could happen now. The system understand different port operations and different cargoes. It only suggest events applicable to the current SOF.

Smart Laytime Events™ also recognises cargo operation events on dry cargo and tanker operations. So when the event ALL-FAST is entered our Smart Laytime Events™ recognises that in the near future, the event GANGWAY-DOWN will be the next logical event.

Sratumfive integration with SOFeXchange
HubSE integration with SOFeXchange